Now this title is deceiving, but i really don’t want to be a millionaire. In fact, the whole name WannaBeMillionaire is deceiving. I have no plans of being a millionaire in the future, but rather being a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE.

A little bit about myself. I have always had the ambition to be rich my whole life. In elementary school when asked what I wanted to be, my immediate response was, “Rich.” Many teachers though I was just being smart with them, so they told me, “That’s unrealistic.”

But that is where they were wrong. Anyone in this country can be rich, and this blog is a GATEWAY into my life and my journey on the path of millions.

So back to me, I just recently turned 18, and am going to be a senior in high school next year. Ever since my Personal Finance class last fall, I have been really curious with the stock market. I found out that this is a fantastic way to earn passive income, and I was immediately hooked. THIS WAS HOW I WAS GOING TO BE RICH.

Now I know that the stock market is risky, and there is no guarantee of returns, but I knew this would be at least ONE way I fulfill that childhood dream of mine. Since I wasn’t 18 yet, I could open an investment account and start right away. But that’s probably the best thing that could have happened.

Why you ask? Well I started trading fake money through MarketWatch as a competition with my Personal Finance class. To start I had no idea about what commissions were, so I would buy a stock and wait for it to go up a few cents then sell. Because that’s making a profit right? The stock went up so how couldn’t it have been? I had actually lost a chunk of my money because my commissions were larger expenses than my profits.

Turns out once I learned about holding an investment, I started to bring in returns, and ended up getting 2nd in our classroom competition! But that isn’t the point. The point is that I learned some valuable lessons from this fake money trading, whereas I would have lost that same commission money in REAL LIFE!

For three straight months, I read a few investing articles a day. Between my Personal Finance class and those financial articles, I was starting to become really knowledgeable about the stock market. I often followed stocks just to see if I would have predicted them right.

Anyways, now that I am 18 I have my own brokerage account and a few stocks, all of which I will tell you about in future articles. My main point of this article was to show you guys that I have the ambition and drive to become rich, and think that with the right strategies I could very well be on my way to FINACIAL FREEDOM!