I have been told multiple times in my life that the most successful people in the world are constantly setting, and meeting, their goals. I’m sure that this applies to every aspect of life, whether it’s creating a list of daily goals, or long-time goals. These things could be something as little as doing 10 push-ups to financial goals to talking to your crush. Whatever your goal is, when you complete it you can’t deny that unmistakable feeling of accomplishment. It’s like a drug. The more success you experience in life, the more you want to achieve. You don’t see people like Bill Gates just settling with their initial success, but instead continuing this for years. It’s not because of greed (I don’t think at least), but rather because they are addicted to that success and want that same feeling constantly.

Anyways, I have read in multiple articles that it is important to create financial goals in order to stay on track, so here goes nothing:

Short Term Goals:

  • By the summer of 2017 (June 3rd), have a net worth of $5,000+
  • By the fall of 2017 (when I will be leaving for college), increase net worth to $8,000+
  • Create multiple passive income streams (at least 4)
  • Read 3+ investing books by summer of 2017
  • Increase emergency fund to $500+

Long Term Goals:

  • Graduate from college debt free
  • By age 25, increase net worth to $50,000
  • Have a $100,000+ paying job by age 27
  • Increase number of passive income streams to 8+ by age 25
  • Become a millionaire by age 30
  • Become financially free by age 40

Now I know that I may have set the bar a little high on some of these goals, but no one ever got rich by having small goals am I right?

Well for this article I would really appreciate some comments on how you feel about my goals. Is the bar too low? Is the bar too high? Did I forget a goal that would be essential for me achieving early financial freedom?

I would really appreciate to hear from you guys on this!