Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would write a more interactive post than I usually do, and would love to hear some feedback from you guys! I would really like to learn more about passive income (PI), and some ideas for creating passive income streams in my life.

Dividend Stocks

Since I am young, I am not planning on investing in any dividend stocks. I know this is a popular PI stream, but I am young enough where I can tolerate more risk and invest more in growth stocks….

Creating Own Product

Although this would be a very profitable option (if you create a quality product), as a high school student starting up classes again in a few weeks I don’t really have the time! Plus if I created a book I don’t think it would be very good, I’m more of a math guy than writing guy….

Social Media

This is an interesting option that I have played around a bit with. I think this would be the easiest option for me due to my schedule, and expertise as a teen with social media. Basically, if you get enough followers, you can start advertising/become an affiliate and earn cash this way. Probably the route I will take…


You Guys!

Let me know your guys’ passive income streams and let me know any ideas you have for me! I guess I am pretty much open to anything!

Looking forward to hearing from you…