I had originally thought when I first thought of investing that I would only invest in index funds. Then after plenty of reading, I found out that wasn’t the route for me. Then I switched to stocks, which I was more excited about, and knew I could make a better profit off of. However, all this reading also brought up one HUGE word I learned a bunch about in my Personal Finance class, diversify.

I was stuck with a problem. I wanted to diversify my stocks, but not invest in index funds. I also had very little capital, so I couldn’t buy a bunch of different stocks due to the fact that commissions alone would kill me. So, I set out to find a solution…


After A TON of article reading, I came to an auto-investing company called Betterment. I was skeptical at first, because it wasn’t me making the decisions on which stocks to pick, but then I gradually warmed up to it. Basically you deposit your money into a Betterment “Goal”, which can be things such as “Build Wealth”, “Safety Net”, or even “Retirement”. You can link up your IRA accounts as well, which is a very neat feature. Once you deposit the money, Betterment does the rest. They buy into a stock/bond allocation of your choice, mostly of different index funds.

A few cool features of Betterment is Automatic Re-Balancing, Tax Loss Harvesting, and Automatic Dividend Re-Investing. These features are neat because most people don’t know how to do them, and save a bunch of time since they are done automatically for you.

Why I Use Betterment

Back to that important word before, to diversify. Thanks to Betterment, now I can own the four stocks that I do, and still have money diversified. I have as much money in my Online Brokerage account as my Betterment account, and plan on increasing my Betterment account by even more.


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