This post is a little different than what I usually write about. It’s not personal finance. It’s not stocks. It’s not (really) about colleges. It’s about being different.


Getting Away From The Normal

I come from a town that isn’t really huge, but it also isn’t really small. What makes us different is the amount of diversity in our town. We take in a lot of refugees from Africa, so sometimes different cultures clash in school. But that’s not a big deal to me. I don’t mind anyone, and I can be pretty tolerable. What i have a problem with is that everyone in my town is very uncomfortable with change. No one really gets out of their comfort zone. I would say about 90% of the kids in my school going to college will go in our state, and another 7% in neighboring states. That leaves approximately 3%, maybe even less that will venture off into different experiences. Now I am okay with some people if they want to be close to home and what not, but about 40% of those in-state people will go to the same college. How are you getting new life experiences when you know a bunch of people right off the bat? Even worse is most of these people will go there just to party, and probably even drop out. They go to be with their friends, and are scared to try something new. But not me.


I’m Different

It may sound bad, but I am trying to get out of my town, and even away from most the people I know. I still love my family and friends, but I am trying to get away for a different reason. The MENTALITY. I have a different way of thinking than people in my town, and I don’t want to be dragged down by this “comfort-zone” mentality. I am trying to go to a college where I am far away, know absolutely no-one, and am out of my element. This will challenge me as a human being, and in return I will grow more as a person while creating a whole extra group of friends (Not to mention that there is very few prestigious academic schools in my region). Am I scared to do something completely different? YES.

How could I not be? I am a high school student that is going far away from home. But you may think, “But people do that all the time?” Yes, people may do that all the time. But what makes my situation different is the fact that little to NO ONE does something like this. I have no previous students that can guide me through this process. Many of my counselors don’t even have a bunch of experience with it either because everyone is so accustomed to doing the normal thing. No one is CHALLENGING themselves. Why wouldn’t you want to challenge yourself? Why settle for being average and never knowing your full potential as a person and student?

The sad thing is too that there are a few qualified students other than me to attend these schools, or at least have a shot at it, but have no desire to try. But not me. I have the desire to reach my full potential. I have put in all the work I possibly could to prepare me. I have done all the research. Now it is my time to BE DIFFERENT.