Hi everyone! If you read my post Why I Chose Betterment, you know that I have put a good portion of my savings into a Betterment account. I am planning on giving you guys an update on its performance every month, but since I hadn’t started my blog after the first month this post will be of 2 months!



This is the overview of my Betterment account. As you can see, I have two portfolios currently active. I just recently created the Safety Net account, probably about a month after my Build Wealth account. As you can see in total I have $837.86 in my accounts, with -$10.44 in earnings. I am not too worried about the negative earnings because just last Friday the stock market went down a bunch, and I am in it for the long run anyways!

Build Wealth Allocation


This screen is my Build Wealth portfolio allocation. As you can see I have a majority of that $837.86 in this account, $640.60 of it. I have my target allocation set at 90% stocks, which it looks like it is. I have this as my allocation because I have a pretty high risk tolerance since I am young and have time to make up for mistakes.

Safety Net Allocation


Very recently I moved my “emergency fund” from my savings account into this “Safety Net” Betternet account. Instead of rotting away in a low interest savings account, I am giving my money the opportunity to grow, even as an emergency fund. As you can see my allocation is 40% stocks, so much lower risk, while continually gaining dividends from the bonds that are automatically reinvested.


Portfolio $ Performance


Given that the accounts haven’t been open very long, this graph has a lot of plateaus. Most of these big gains are just from me plugging in more money into my account. Not much to see yet from this category.


Portfolio % Performance


This graph is showing my portfolio performance, and as you can see it was gradually going up until a few days ago. Once again, given the short period of investment, not much to see right now.